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Oodles Noodle and Dumpling Bar @765 Neil Ave. Reviews on Grubhub


Top Reviewer
LOVE the sesame balls filled with sweet bean paste! Almost glad I didn't know about them when I was pregnant or I would have spent a small fortune.
My peanut noodles were appropriately spicy, onion was balanced, slightly sweet from the peanut sauce, an overall enjoyable eating experience.
Kids had vegetable friend brown rice with added tofu and veggie spring rolls.
Rolls were crispy without being greasy, no complaining and they ate all of them. Fried rice smelled good and they ate all of it, rice was cooked through without being too chewy as brown rice tends to do.
I will definitely order from here again.


1 review
I hadn't ever heard of this place before but ordered it on a whim because my usual spot was closed, but am i glad i did! :D It was easily the best I've ever had especially the soup options which i always use to rate a place because if even that side item is quality it says a lot for the main dishes. I'm now a repeat customer for life and haven't been let down since. I highly recommend a try :)


3 reviews
I keep trying new dishes from this place and not once have I been dissapointed!. I was pretty skeptical about the lettuce wrap with chicken but I'm trying to choose a healthier life style. Well this was so freaking delicious defiently my new favorite. Pho noodles with chicken is also a healthier way and I order it almost every other day! You guys are awesome so keep on keepin on!! :)


2 reviews
My order came right befor the time I requested. The delivery person was cordial and smiled. Ordered 1. Sesame Chicken (requested the orange sauce changed to brown sauce and extra chicken) and 2. Mixed Vegetables in brown sauce. Both were correct, great on temperature, and tasted really good this was my first order from them and I will be again.


1 review
The food was delicious. Absolutely nothing against the restaurant, but be careful when ordering soups. Our driver spilled the entire contents of one container into the plastic bag then handed it to me without a word. Maybe they need more sturdy soup containers, maybe it was the drivers fault. I dont know. But I lost all that soup.

Reviews from Seamless.com

Oodles Noodle and Dumpling Bar @765 Neil Ave. Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
I ordered the Dan Dan noodles with vegetables and enjoyed the crispiness of the veggies as well. The sauce was peanutty and spicey. Hot and Sour soup was good...I would have preferred a little bit more heft to it. Spring rolls were good...could have been a tad crispier...hence a little bit more crisped/cooked. I was hoping that there could have been an all vegetable or vegan options for dumplings and pot stickers. I would order from them again. Shout out to the driver, Yussuf, who delivered the food to me, with a real joy, despite my having entered the wring delivery address. I called in the correction and he handled the adjustment perfectly!


3 reviews
Order was 20 minutes early and delicious as always!

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Takeout: 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Here at Oodles, we serve all homemade Asian dishes, each of which is individually prepared by our experienced fine-dining chefs. While our concept is fresh and unique, we believe that our dedicated customer service will ultimately ensure our long term growth and success. We strive to make the excellence of Asian cuisine be part of your healthy and enjoyable dining experience!